Let's get 3.5% of all people in Wisconsin to show up 100% for racial justice!  We are at a critical moment with great responsibility and great possibility for achieving major racial justice victories in our lifetime.  Let's shift WI away from racial disparities and towards racial justice.  


In grassroots movements throughout history and all over the world 3.5% has been a magic number: a critical threshold for the number of people needed to make great shifts in policy and culture.  In WI that is 200,000 people.  Let's bring these people together to make great changes

Click above to sign on to the statement as an individual.  We need everyone who cares about racial justice to add their voice. 

Click above to sign on as an organization for our cohort of support.  We will choose 3 primarily white and 3 primarily people of color led groups to support

One great action to take for racial justice is to make a donation to support the effort moving forward!

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