Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice (WNPJ) has launched a project to engage 3.5% of WI's population in a campaign called the Racial Justice Tipping Point.  We will use grassroots organizing strategies to not only bring people together, but to take the big and smalll steps to make the big shifts that we need in order to make WI a more racially equitable state.  While many organizations within our networks have an explicit focus on racial justice issues such as immigrant rights, Black Lives Matter, American Indian sovereignty and human rights, and Hmong self-determination, we will also be partnering with organizations outside our networks to build the power we need to win real life improvements in people's lives.  A main component of the program is to engage and deepen white people's commitment to this work. 

Our first gathering of individuals and organizations  will be May 21st 2016 in Madison WI to train people to engage others in their local areas.  We will also be offering direct trainings to predominately white and people of color led organizations tol be taken through organizational assessments, trainings, and strategic planning to strengthen their work for racial justice.  


Please join us by signing our individual and organizational statements  HERE.  


Watch this video to understand where the 3.5% philosophy comes from.  Political scientist Erica Chenoweth researched social movements over the last century and found one thing in common.  In all of them, it took a critical mass of 3.5% of a population taking non-violent action to make great shifts like major policy changes and leadership changes.