City of Madison Divest from US Bank

To Mayor Soglin and the Common Council:

In 2013, Madison passed a resolution making it city policy not to invest in fossil fuel companies or in commingled assets that include holdings in fossil fuel companies. However, the City of Madison continues to do all of its banking with U.S. Bank, a lender to the Dakota Access Pipeline. We, the undersigned, demand that the City of Madison Stands with Standing rock and divests from DAPL by ending the contract with U.S. Bank.

The City of Madison cannot continue to support the fossil fuel industry at the expense of Native people and people of color. We care about the wellbeing of our future generations as much as we care about ending the racially disparate impact that Madison’s investments are having today on a local, national, and global scale. Put the 2013 resolution into action and follow the example set by cities like Seattle, San Francisco, and Middleton.