Voces de la Frontera & YES 

Voces de la Frontera is a member of WNPJ and the leading immigrant rights organization in the state of WI. They have been nationally recognized for their May Day rallies and organizing victories around issues such as in-state tuiton.  YES Youth Empowered in the struggle is a youth chapter of Voces working for social justice on all fronts. vdlf.org  YES

Freedom Inc 

Freedom Inc is a leader in racial justice work in Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin and Nationally.  Freedom Inc works to end violence within and against communities of color.  They are a leader in the campaign to bring Community Control Over the Police. freedom-inc.org


WNPJ has worked closely with the "Indian" Mascot and Logo Taskforce of the Wisconsin Indian Education Association for many years.  Their work to remove race-based "Indian" mascots and logos from k-12 schools in Wisconsin is one of the most important civil and human rights struggles in the state : wiea.org , indianmascots.com , Change The Name Campaign

Wisconsin Voices 

Wiscionsin Voices is a project partner helping to lead this effort.  They are a network of over 50 groups working to create true democracy in WI. 



Showing Up for Racial Justice.  


SURJ is a national network of white people working for racial justice.  They are the inspiration for the 3.5% vision.  Visit the website for great resources for white people working for racial justice including toolkits on police brutality, conference calls on queer and trans liberation, and ways to call more white people into the work for racial justice. showingupforracialjustice.org









Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice (WNPJ) has been spearheading this project in partnership with Wisconsin Voices.  WNPJ is a network of 150 membergroups across WI and nearly 500 individual members.  WNPJ works to create a world free from violence which is sustainable, peaceful and just.  wnpj.org