We are Outraged that the WI State Patrol Evicted Water Protectors at Standing Rock

Once again the Wisconsin State Patrol officers were sent to Standing Rock, this time to perform an eviction of the main camp in resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline #NoDAPL. This is not how we want our tax dollars to be spent. We are opposed to the militarized police force used at Standing Rock and the ongoing police presence protecting the interests of corporations at the expense of  Native people while also breaking treaty rights. The land that you were removing people from is unceded treaty land from the 1851 Fort Laramie treaty. This is continuing a legacy of colonization and theft of Indigenous land for the interests of profit over people. We want a law enforcement that is by and for the people, we want community control over the police.  We demand that you immediately halt any continuing involvement of WI law enforcement at Standing Rock or related efforts.